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Very happy with FUE procedure!

Mar 22, 2014 by MM

I just wanted to let you know that I am feeling great and very happy that we went with the FUE procedure. Well worth the extra $.

Your team was awesome... Very thoughtful and authentic.

Beyond Greatful

Mar 14, 2014 by Anthony

Dr. Wasserbauer changed my life for the better. Less than a year after my surgery, the results amaze me. I received a new hairline via FUE in early July 2013. I searched and researched until I found and entrusted Dr. W. Her skill, marksmanship, and performance helped me retain my image. My financial situation forced me to limit the grafts I wanted, but she exceeded my expectations. Now in March 2014, I regret not finding Dr. W sooner in life. Unfortunately, I limited the grafts I wanted due to my financial situation because I enrolled for law school. However, I received way more than what I payed for. What a deal, what a bargain.

My hair went from ahhh to awesome. Holy moly, I asked, and I received. I do not need another hair transplant ever because she worked perfection. Nevertheless, my FUE success left me eager and greedy for one more finishing touch when I can afford it. I could never thank Dr. W enough for my hair and money well spent. I trust her and shall see her again someday. Please do not retire before I graduate law school!

I appreciate you Dr. W, and I am grateful for your expertise.

Thank you,


Helping Three Generations

Nov 16, 2013 by Diego O.

This review is long overdue. I'm an extremely satisfied 51 year old male who had two hair transplant procedures performed by Dr. Sara Wasserbauer. About two years, my 72 year old mother approached me regarding her own hair loss. I accompanied her at a consultation with a popular hair restoration clinic that does a lot of marketing. I left that consultation feeling like they just cared about making a sale, not what was best for the individual. That bad experience led me to do through search for the best hair surgeon in the nation. I was willing to travel the distance and pay a premium for the procedure. To my amazement, Dr. Sara's facility was only an hour away and her procedure costs were dramatically less expensive. What mattered the most was the way my mother was treated,in a genuine manner with no sales pressure. That wonderful first experience encouraged me to ask Dr. Sara about my very own thinning hair condition. As result of that great experience, I've since had two hair transplant procedures before my mother had her first. Dr. Sara's artistic talent, experience, professionalism and great personality makes a great package for one of the best surgeons in the nation. She exceeded our expectations and am looking forward to scheduling a consultation for my son in the near future. My hair is great, Dr. Sara you are AWESOME!!

Best Decision I Ever Made!

Jul 17, 2013 by RL

I chose Dr. Wasserbauer for my transplant surgery and it was the best decision I made. When I started losing hair I met with several Dr.’s to explore my options. I began to notice that they all were either dermatologists or plastic surgeons that did hair transplant too. When I discovered Dr. Wasserbauer’s website I realized there is a surgeon who not only specializes in this procedure but is a recognized leader in the field. From the initial consultation I knew I would choose Dr. Wasserbauer to perform my surgery. She explains each step of the process and supplies you with documents that tell you what to expect every step of the way. The day of surgery went exactly as expected and you are treated to movies of your choice and a nice lunch too. The assisting staff was also very professional and made sure each step of the process that I was comfortable. The follow up was outstanding and any questions I had post-surgery were answered immediately by Dr. Wasserbauer. 6 months later I have lots of new hair and the results are wonderful. If you are considering this procedure or are ready to take the step, I strongly recommend Dr. Wasserbauer.

Dr. Sara, thank you for being the wonderful doctor & the wonderful person you are!

Mar 22, 2013 by SG

I am a pharmacist & I've bee a patient of Dr. Wasserbauers for about two years now. I live in Los Angeles. I'm happy to drive over 700 miles to see Dr. Sara because she & her office staff are simply the BEST. Not only is she a GREAT doctor but she is also a truly caring human being. She truly cares about her patients. She listens to her patients & makes them feel that they & their well being are important to her. She personally corresponds with her patients and checks up on them to make sure they are doing ok. These qualities are very hard to find in doctors nowadays. I am a young female who was suffering from severe hair loss. I almost lost my confidence & my self-esteem due to hair loss. She helped me gain my hair, my confidence and my life back. I owe my happiness to her. Her treatment plan worked wonders for me. I had seen so many doctors prior to Dr. Sara but I never saw any results. I am so glad I came across her name on Google search & I can't be happier that I took the trip to see her.
Dear Dr. Sara, thank you for being the wonderful doctor & the wonderful person you are!"


Dec 14, 2012 by JayFish

I\'ll make this short and sweet. I\'ve had multiple hair transplant procedures over the years. The one I had in 2011 by Dr. Wasserbauer is the only one in which all the grafts have survived a year later. I am delighted with the result and, like others have said, I wish I had found her earlier.

Dr. Wasserbaur Understands Female Hair Loss!

Mar 29, 2012 by Grace R.

I had a fairly extensive hair transplant procedure done by Dr. Wasserbauer to replace hair that fell out due to cosmetic surgery (ask your plastic surgeon about the possibility of this happening before you have surgery!). Being a woman, I felt a bit like a fish out of water having a hair transplant since it's generally considered a procedure for men. If you are a woman and need to have it done, don't hesitate - we generally can't make a fashion statement by shaving our heads bald . The procedure itself was pain-free. The worst part was sitting in a chair for hours having it done, but even that wasn't so bad since a massage mat was provided to help keep me comfortable. Dr. Wasserbauer does provide movies for you to watch to pass the time so that does help. The doctor and everyone on her staff are wonderful. They are kind, patient and very responsive to any questions and/or concerns.

Highly Skilled Hair Transplant Specialist!

Mar 29, 2012 by Amanda W.

Dr. Wasserbauer is a dedicated and highly skilled hair transplant specialist and,one of the few female doctors specializing in this field. If you're a man or woman and are considering a hair transplant, you should definately consult with Dr. Wasserbauer. Sure, you can run around interviewing other doctors,but one of the very best in the nation is right here in Walnut Creek. Dr. Wasserbauer also does all sorts of cosmetic dermatology procedures, hair removal etc. Her staff is great and she's always responded to my questions and concerns in a timely manner.

Only Wish I Knew of Dr. Wasserbaur Sooner!

Mar 29, 2012 by B.F.

First a little background. I'm a 47yr old male that sustained a burn to the left side of my head about 40yrs ago. The burn was about 4x6 inches. I started treatment back in the 80's with scalp reductions then eventually the dreaded "plug" transplants; High tech at that time. Through the last 25yrs I have had approximately 14 surgeries, 8 of them hair transplants. The technology has gotten better, but I still live with the "checkerboard" scars on the back of my head(donor area). Needless to say , I have LOTS of experience with doctors; and yes even "the Bosley". Although some of these doctors did a decent job, I can't start to tell you how happy I was after meeting DR. Sara Wasserbauer! I sat down with her back in December and she just projected this confidence and knowledge and everything she suggested made sense. I did a little background on her before and after meeting her. I found just positive feed back and noticed that she was on the TV show "The Doctors" doing eyelash transplants! I remember thinking if she can do hair by hair eyelashes, she must be good at hair transplants. Well, I decided to have a "scar revision" with Sara; which really means having her clean up the mess left behind by some of the other procedures. When she told me the price, I sat there trying not to jump out of my chair because I thought for sure, given her experience/knowledge, that it would be much more expensive! Anyway, I just had the procedure this week and Sara, and her staff Molly,Cindy,Lidiane, and Nancy were terrific!! I felt no pain and not only did she fill-in most of the burn area, but the right temple area as well since it had receded over time and was higher then the left side; in other words I don't have a crooked hairline anymore. She also decided to do a linear incision vs the FUE so that she could remove some of the ugly "checkerboard" scars. In addition, she also filled in an old 5 inch long linear scar with grafts. It gets better; the initial amount of grafts she planned to implant was between 300-500. Well being the perfectionist that she is, she placed over 1200 grafts and didn't charge me a dime extra!!!!! Hair transplants are very technical and especially when it involves a burn. I have given DR. Wasserbauer permission to show my photos to anyone contemplating a hair transplant and felt it was important to tell about my wonderful experience with her, and her staff. The only regret I have is that I didn't find, or know about Dr. Wasserbauer sooner. Thank You Sara!!

Highly recommend Dr. Wasserbauer & her staff!

Mar 29, 2012 by J.S.

I've never actually written a review about anything ever online before, but I was so satisfied with my experience with Dr. Wasserbauer, I felt I should take the time to do so & give credit where credit is due. So here goes...

I just had the hair transplant with Dr. Wasserbauer three weeks ago. I must say that her and her entire staff did a great job every step of the way. I was treated with kindness & patience from the very first phone call I made to Monique enquiring about meeting with the doctor, to the in-person consultation, the scheduling of the procedure, & of course the procedure itself & following suture removal.

During the initial consultation, Dr Wasserbauer did a wonderful job of explaining all the info I wanted to know in a way that was very easy to understand. I decided that day that the transplant was definitely something I wanted to go though with, so I made an appointment that very day. In the following week, I needed to reschedule my appointment several times due to prior engagements that I had forgotten about, but Candice happily & patiently worked with me to find a new date each time. The staff of Cindy, Nancy, Lidiane, & Roxanna who helped with the micrografting were all very professional, hard working, & pleasant. (yes, I actually requested a list of their names right after the surgery so I could give them all praise in this review!) :)

The surgery, which lasted about 8 hours, ended up being MUCH more pleasant than I had imagined it would be. I watched a couple of movies half of the time, ate lunch, & actually slept the other half. lol I'm very much looking forward to seeing the results of my new hair growing in over the next several months. To anyone who is considering a hair transplant, I highly recommend Dr. Wasserbauer & her staff.
JS - San Jose

Sara Wasserbauer MD 925-939-4763 1299 Newell Hill PL. Suite 200 Walnut Creek CA, 94596-5292 USA 5.0 5.0 10 10 I just wanted to let you know that I am feeling great and very happy that we went with the FUE procedure. Well worth the extra $.Your team was awesome... Very thoughtful and au