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Hair Surgeon Sara Wasserbauer, M.D. specializes in medical and surgical hair restoration services.

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Sara Wasserbauer, M.D., F.I.S.H.R.S is a Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, and a Fellow of the International Society Of Hair Restoration Surgery. She is currently located outside of San Francisco, in Walnut Creek, California, and has several consult offices located around the Bay Area

Read her archived articles. As one of the most experienced and accredited hair restoration surgeons in California, Dr. Wasserbauer is a regular resource for news media on hair loss and it’s treatment.  She has written several book chapters including most recently on Eyebrows and Women’s Hair Loss, been featured on national TV (including The Doctors), and speaks regularly at international medical conferences concerning hair, hair loss, and its surgical and medical treatment.  For over 10 years she has written a monthly feature article for the ISHRS Hair Transplant Forum International called “Hair’s the Question.”  She loves research and was the Principal Investigator from Restoration Robotics and the ARTAS robot.  She currently serves as the Vice-President for the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons and is the chair of both the written and oral board exams for that organization.

Her current favorite areas of expertise include follicular unit extraction (FUE),  eyebrow transplantation, scalp micro pigmentation, and low level light therapy for hair growth.

Dr. Wasserbauer completed her undergraduate studies with a B.A. in Classical Archeology and minors in Chemistry and Biology at the prestigious Dartmouth College.  She then went on to earn her medical degree from the renowned Medical College of Ohio where she was designated Class Leader. After finishing her training in Internal Medicine, Dr. Wasserbauer discovered she had a natural aptitude and eye for aesthetic surgery. Growing up in a family that experienced severe hair loss in both the men AND women, she found herself drawn to hair restoration and the dramatic change it could have on one’s appearance.  She believes that restoring hair is a labor of love, and that hair is an essential component of a patient’s dignity.

Why We Are Different

Total focus on hair restoration surgery

Our surgical practice is devoted exclusively to hair. We perform traditional hair restoration and advanced Follicular Unit Extraction techniques, scar and plug revisions, and are one of the few hair surgeons to be chosen to participate in the latest FDA trials.

Training that sets us apart

Not only is Dr. Wasserbauer one of less than 150 hair transplant surgeons certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons, but she is also one of the few worldwide to have completed a full fellowship devoted entirely to cosmetic and corrective hair transplantation.

Aesthetics honed by years of experience

A good result means far more than having more hair on your head. We understand that every person is a unique individual with his or her own anatomical features and limitations as well as desires and expectations. We do not perform stock operations.

Your trusted Bay Area hair surgeon

The reason I chose Dr. Wasserbauer was that she and her staff were so professional and knowledgeable, but they also were very low key and down to earth. They made me feel like family and that I was very well cared for. – S.L.

Dr. Sara didn’t push me to make a decision and even gave me other patients to talk to so that I was comfortable making my decision. The whole process was relaxed and professional. – G.R.

The staff at Dr. Sara’s office is wonderful. I learned so much from them just by sitting in the waiting room! Everyone took their time answering all my questions about hair, and even random questions about health. I’ve already sent 2 of my friends to their office for consults. – R.T.

FDA Stem Cell Update

Practitioners offering unproven and unapproved STEM CELL treatments for hair growth should be on notice: the FDA has started to bump up its regulation.

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