Eyebrow Hair Restoration

Loss of eyebrow or eyelash hair can make an individual feel very self-conscious about his or her appearance, and new hair transplantation techniques can often restore the hair. You often don't realize the full impact that eyebrows or eyelashes can make on the total facial appearance until you see a person without them.

Hair transplantation has been used successfully for many years to fill out patchy or partial eyebrows, to restore absent eyebrows, and even camouflage scars within the eyebrow area. Eyelash transplantation is a more recent procedure. The procedure should be performed by a surgeon who specializes exclusively in surgical hair restoration.

Before (above) and After (below) Eyebrow Hair Transplantation


Eyebrow Hair Loss

Eyebrow hair loss can occur for several reasons, and is most commonly associated with the following:

      • Physical trauma.
      • Systemic or local disease.
      • Excessive plucking, typically to reshape the eyebrow.
      • Trichotillomania (TTM), or self-inflicted obsessive compulsive plucking.
      • Medical or surgical treatments like radiation therapy, chemotherapy.
      • Genetics

The procedure for restoring eyebrows and eyelashes involves the individual placement of single hairs in the natural growth pattern of your previous hair. The meticulous placement of as many as several hundred hairs can restore eyebrows and eyelashes to their most natural appearance.

Eyebrow Hair Restoration

Eyebrows make the eyes more beautiful by creating an upper frame. There is a unique technique to selecting the proper donor hair,  designing the eyebrow and angling the hair to properly lie in a natural pattern. Dr. Wasserbauer is a recognized leader in proper eyebrow hair restoration and has lead physician training workshops around the world in performing artistic eyebrow hair restoration.

Dr. Wasserbauer inserts hair grafts into new eyebrows.

Technician prepares hair strip for disection under the microscope.

Technician preparing eyebrow hair grafts.

Hair grafts prior to transplantation.

Before eyebrow hair restoration. Marker where eyebrows used to be.

After eyebrow hair restoration.