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Sara Wasserbauer MD
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 by Dave L
Couldn't be happier!!!

I had my transplant done Oct 22, 2022 (FUT). I held off writing a review earlier because I wanted to let the procedure "do its magic." Well, it has been one year plus counting and my hair growth has been awesome! I look great and feel much younger. I am an older guy.

Dr Sara is THE BEST in the hair restoration field! She is easy to talk to and answered all my questions and concerns. Her office staff are great to work with. Hi Nae and Ann!

This is the best investment I ever made. Yes, it's better than crypto!!!

 by Dalton F
Exceptional Experience and Results

Dr. Wasserbauer and her team are exemplary in every capacity. If you need help with hair loss and you do not consider seeking out Dr. Wasserbauer, you are making a BIG mistake. She deserves her unrivaled reputation, and if you deserve the best, look no further. I have very high expectations and am used to the highest level of service in all important areas of my life. This experience was no exception. You are welcome!

 by Naomi K
Trans woman Experience With Dr. Wasserbauer

I am a trans woman, and I know lots of trans women go to Dr. Wasserbauer. She is excellent. I've been wearing a hair system the last few months, and when I took it off to go see her for the consultation I suspected that my hair was too fine and too thin for transplants to really be worth it (they'd never look as good as the hair system does). She asked about my goals, and I said ideally it would look like the hair system. I could tell from her expression that this wasn't realistic, and she confirmed that. It was very nice and gentle, but very honest. She talked about better, higher-quality hair systems than the one I use, and she gave me her cell number if I had more questions. She also offered me ice cream! She explained that I could get hair transplants that would look feminine, but the thinness of the coverage would age me: I'd look like a woman who was losing her hair (instead of like a balding man, as I do now), Switching male-pattern for female baldness didn't seem like an exciting use of 20k. She did say that if I got a good hair system but it still wasn't quite doing the trick, she could transplant a lot of hair to the front of my head, creating a nice, full hairline that would help disguise the hair system.

A lot of people who work with trans women either lie to us to get our money, or they treat us like an imposition and refuse to think through our unique problems. I can count on three fingers the number of providers I've met who don't commit one of those two errors, and of those three, Wasserbauer is the best. I feel like putting your hair into someone's hands is a sacred responsibility. If people just wanted the procedure done, they could go to the Czech Republic or Turkey to do it. They come to a US doctor in the hopes that the doctor will fully understand and enter into your headspace and think about your goals. It is unrealistic to expect a patient to walk into an office already fully conversant with what a procedure can reasonably accomplish, but most doctors put that burden on you--the other hair transplant surgeon I went to had no compunctions about saying he could help me. At the same time, I didn't get a gate-keeping vibe from Dr. Wasserbauer. She wasn't barring me from getting a procedure; just thinking about what could best help me. I think if you go under the knife with her, you can be confident that she thinks she can help you with your goals, and, unfortunately, that is not something every doctor or caregiver is willing to do.

 by Jim S.
This will change your life!

I am a business professional in a Senior- level position. I also have a military background. About 4 years ago, my sideburns started to fall out. No explanation, just got thinner and disappeared. Needless to say, I started to feel very self-conscious about it and tried to start cutting the sides of my head hair short. It did, however, still not look right. Even with a military cut, still did not look right. I started to pursue other options, going to the big-name companies for hair restoration. Their focus was always on the rest of my head, the back, the front, areas that I was quite content with. Always trying to upsell me and very really listened to my real concerns. My sideburn area was completely hairless and it created an awkward line between where I had no hair and where it grew thick. I was embarrassed and devastated. I then learned of another option called Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP for short. I looked around and after much research, ended up sitting across from the SMP technician from California Hair Surgeon, we met in the San Francisco office. That day, my life changed. The technician was a true professional, she was very open and honest about what she could do and what she would not be able to do. Very clear on expectations. She is a scalp micro pigmentation specialist that all others should aspire to become. She is a master at her craft who truly understands how to listen to someone's needs and then she executes on it. Her work is nothing less than excellent. Almost a year and a half later, my sideburns still look complete and blended into the rest of my hair. I continue to enjoy a natural look, you cannot tell that I had the SMP treatment, this is how good their work is. She also had to reconstruct my hairline from slightly below my temple to where most people's sideburns end. It really looks good, due to the magic she brings in her work. You too can change your life.

 by Jav S. (Verified Yelp Review)
Very pleased with my choice of going with Dr. Wasserbauer

Here is a 2 year update. The transplant process went very well. As expected, it takes about 6 months to start to see some clear results. Then the growth gets better and better. I went back for my 1 year checkup in the summer of 2019. At that point, the growth of the grafts was excellent and I was very pleased. The 1 year checkup therefore was fairly uneventful, since everything had gone well, and I saw no need for any further grafts. So no further followup checks were needed.

Now at 2 years out, the thickness has improved even further and I am very pleased with the results. I am very pleased with my choice of going with Dr. Wasserbauer. The best thing was that Dr. Wasserbauer told me that in my case, she can do a single session with a large number of grafts, and that would probably be enough for me to be happy with the results, and that has turned out to be the case! Some other docs who I had consultations with wanted to do multiple rounds of a smaller number of grafts. However, a surgery is a surgery, and I really didn't want to have to get repeat procedures done if it could be helped. So I am pleased to have gone with Dr. Wasserbauer, and in my case 1 round was truly all I needed to get the results I wanted! Of course that won't be the case with every patient's scenario, but in my case she was able to make a single session work.

 by Alex Bannon
2 years later . . .

I had 2 transplants and I am so pleased with the results, both initially and two years later. Not only do I look younger, I FEEL younger every time I look in the mirror. This process is painless and well worth the price (and that is saying something as I needed 2 procedures). I could describe how nice and friendly the staff and the good doctor are (they really are), but to me, competence and results matter more. And that they are that, and then some. The fact that they are also nice is a bonus.

 by Charlie A. - Yelp Verified Review
Changed My Life Forever!

I've just had my FUE with Dr. Sara on May 26th, 2020. The day that changed my life forever. I've researched hair transplant ever since when I noticed some hair loss, but I finally decided to pull the trigger on it during the quarantine. The PERFECT time to do it! I have to say, I was a little worried the night before surgery, but Dr. and her team made me feel very comfortable from start to finish. It was an all day procedure, they harvested the grafts first half of the day. We all ate lunch and they implanted the grafts second half of the day. 9am - 5pm. Local anesthesia made the process painless for the most part, I pretty much slept through the whole thing. Couldn't have been easier! I came back the next for the follow up appointment where they taught me how to take care of my new investment. I sent them pictures for the 10th day check-in. I couldn't be more happier with the results. I had to share it! Dr. Sara and her team did a fantastic job, and I've gotten so many compliments already. Can't wait what it will blossom into in 6 months, 1 year! I'll keep yall updated!

 by Rick A.
If I could give a 1000 stars I would!

I was referred by a good friend of mine, a celebrity which I cant say the name of :-). After arriving to see Dr Sara, BOY I felt right @ home. From all the TEAM and Dr Sara I was very pleased and happy with the easy going feeling I got. Names of staff: Roxanna, Cindy, Katy, Naomi, Brianna, Christina, Lindsay and of course the Master herself Dr. Sara were amazing!!!! If I could give them 1000 stars I would. Not only I am very satisfied, but also have referred few friends as well... THANK YOU!!!!!

 by Charlie A.
Best investment ever!

6 months update y'all! I think I'm over the shock lost period, and my hair growth has been soaring like Tesla stocks lol. I used to be scared to look at the mirror, but now Ha! Thank you so much Dr. Wasserbauer and team! No more hiding under hats and comb overs lol. Best investment ever, you won't regret it!

 by JK, DDS
Very Knowledgeable

I  wanted  to  thank  Dr  Sara  for  her  consultation  concerning  my  hair  loss  and  the  possibility  of  a  hair  transplant.   Dr  Sara   was  very  knowledgeable  and  thorough.   She  made  me  feel  very  comfortable  and  treated  me  like  a   friend.  I  enjoyed  our  consultation  and  would  recommend  Dr  Sara  to  anyone  needing  a  hair  transplant.   My  age,  at  82,  kept  me  from  proceeding   with  a  transplant.    You  are  a  very  caring  doctor.

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