FDA Stem Cell Update

Practitioners offering unproven and unapproved STEM CELL treatments for hair growth should be on notice: the FDA has started to bump up its regulation.

stem cells for hair growth

Hair’s the Question: Do stem cell injections really regrow hair?

“Stem cells” are everywhere.  Literally.  These cells exist ubiquitously in our bodies and are responsible for the generation and regeneration of your body’s tissue.  Given that stem cells regenerate tissue, it makes sense that advances in this technology would be applied to the problem of hair loss. Unfortunately, even the most logical of treatment steps…

Testosterone Safety and Hair Loss

It goes without saying that testosterone is a powerful hormone with many effects on the human body.  Some of these effects are desirable, like increased muscle mass, but some are downright undesirable.  The trick is to avoid the undesirable side effects while benefiting from the desirable ones.