Sara Wasserbauer, M.D. Hair Medicine and Surgical Hair Restoration

Any one of the following could set us apart, but what makes us different from many other practices is how ALL of these qualities influence the treatment of each of our patients.

A total focus on the delivery of high-quality hair restoration surgery… Our surgical practice is devoted exclusively to hair. We perform traditional hair restoration and advanced Follicular Unit Extraction techniques, scar and plug revisions, and are one of the few hair surgeons to be chosen to participate in the latest FDA trials. We do not perform liposuction, face or brow-lifts, or breast augmentation services. We do hair surgery and only hair surgery.

Training that sets us apart from most other cosmetic surgeons… Not only is Dr. Wasserbauer one of less than 150 hair transplant surgeons certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons, but she is also one of the few worldwide to have completed a full fellowship devoted entirely to cosmetic and corrective hair transplantation. We have no need to “rediscover the wheel” on every patient. We know what to do, and we know exactly how to do it.

A collaborative effort… Hair restoration requires well executed teamwork between the surgeon and a team of medical technicians. The service we deliver requires a certain type of person - one attuned to the finest of details, one who is thorough, yet gentle. A doctor alone cannot provide total care. We are proud of our staff that is made up of uniquely skilled and highly trained individuals, people who are not only intelligent and detail focused, but also courteous and extremely helpful.

A sense of aesthetics honed by years of experience... A good result means far more than having more hair on your head. We understand that every person is a unique individual with his or her own anatomical features and limitations as well as desires and expectations. We do not perform stock operations. We are not overly aggressive. We are known for achieving results that appear both aesthetically elegant and natural.

A policy of providing good value... We make every effort to keep your costs at a reasonable level. We will not try to “sell” unwanted or unneeded procedures. We maintain our own highly efficient operating room that is optimized specifically for hair surgery and yet far less expensive than a full-service hospital or surgicenter. We do every thing we can to get surgery right the first time so that we avoid future expenses.

We aim to please… In contrast to some medical offices where the nature of the ailments treated requires their patients to return over and over again for many years, we help our patients and usually never see them again. For us to remain in a concierge practice, then, requires a constant flow of new people into our office. Where do these people come from? They come from all over the Bay Area but also from other states and sometimes other countries.

Why do physicians refer to us… Because of Dr. Wasserbauer’s reputation for providing ethical and quality care, exceptional results and because we do everything we can to please our patients and earn their respect and referrals.