Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP is an option for male and female hair loss patients. This is a camouflage technique that uses tiny points of pigment (almost like a tattoo but much smaller and medical grade inks) to provide a visual background making the hair appear fuller and denser.

The appearance can be either permanent or temporary, and often requires multiple sessions, but the results can be particularly useful when more density is needed than grafts are available.  It is also great when scars need camouflage, or for mimicking a buzz cut or a “shaved look.”

For those who choose to keep their hair long, SMP helps the hair look fuller when wet.

PROBABLY The BEST SMP experts in the USA, if not the world! Goodbye Toppik forever! Most natural rezsults I have seen in my career as a Hair Restoration surgeon myself (Konstantinos Anastassakis MD, PhD, Board Certified hair Restoration surgeon) THIS IS WHY I TRUSTED THEM TO DO SMP ON MY OWN HEAD! 

My hair looks full and so natural that I cannot stop looking myself in the mirror! They are using the latest, innovative techniques in SMP, producing perfect results and I am SO happy that I took the right decision to finally have SMP in Dr. Sara Wasserbauer’s clinic! Don’t even think about it! Just go for it!
Dr. Konstantinos Anastassakis, American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery
Dr. Konstantinos Anastassakis, American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery

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Scalp Micropigmentation – SMP – Before & After Photos