SMP For Linear Scar Camouflaging

If I had a FUT hair transplant with linear donor harvesting, can I have a FUE hair transplant and cut my hair short in the back?

The answer is usually yes, with the caveat that you may want an SMP procedure over the previous linear scar. SMP or scalp micropigmentation uses a specialized tattooing technique to place tiny dots you’re your own shaved hair throughout the scar to camouflage it. Dr. Wasserbauer can then harvest the grafts via FUE individual follicle extraction to transplant to the top balding area. With the tiny, less than 1mm, excisions the patient can now cut his hair very short in the back with no visible donor scar.

This patient had a previous FUT hair transplant with linear donor excision leaving a linear scar. Prior to having an FUE procedure, he had an interoperative SMP and then Dr. Wasserbauer performed the FUE hair transplant.

On some occasions, if the donor scar is more significant Dr. Wasserbauer may combine SMP with FUE hair transplant into the donor scar to minimize its visibility.