A Buyers Guide To Deciding On A Hair Transplant Surgeon

Deciding on having a hair transplant is a big decision. Intelligent prospects do a lot of research online to learn about the various options and techniques and physicians who perform the procedure. Ideally, they are able talk to individuals they know who have had hair transplants.

hairlossWe encourage all potential patients to get consultations from more than one doctor and find the physician that you feel most comfortable with.

Lately there has been extensive marketing of “New” or “Ground Breaking” Technology targeting prospective patients with unbelievable (and false) claims like:

– no scarring
– no bleeding
– non-invasive
– pain free
– no down time
and my personal favorite:
-no surgery

There is no technology or technique that can honestly claim any of the above. If you read or are told any of these claims run, don’t walk away!

It is critical you ask the doctor or consultant what is the doctor’s role when performing the surgery or if technicians will be performing it. (See ISHRS Legal Update on Unlicensed Hair Transplant Technicians)

There is an epidemic of non-physician hair surgery at the moment, and I would encourage all those considering hair surgery to make sure they are in safe hands. This is why the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery issued a Consumer Alert regarding unlicensed technicians performing substantial aspects of hair restoration surgery.

We also recommend that you review a physicians training in hair transplant surgery, not plastic or cosmetic surgery. The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons was formed to assure that certified physicians demonstrate a level of expertise to assure patients of their physicians competency.