The Hybrid Procedure: FUT and FUE Hair Transplant Together

HairLossMan300Want to maximize your grafts?  REALLY maximize your grafts – to the tune of five or six thousand – while still minimizing any scar?  The Hybrid procedure is probably what you need to be thinking about.

This rare procedure uses both the traditional “strip” (FUT) technique AND the FUE procedure in the same procedure on the same day to get as many grafts as possible for the patient.  It is best for patients who are:

  • Interested in the most grafts possible and have enough loss that they would have plenty of area to actually put the 5-6000 grafts (Ideally a Norwood Va, VI, or VII)
  • Wearing their hair at least a half inch long and plan to continue to do so
  • Able to shave and tolerate a visible set of stitches at the back or their scalp for about 2-3 weeks ( until the hair re-grows enough to hide it)

The benefits of this procedure would be that a single surgery may be able to cover all areas of loss!  The risks are about the same as doing any hair transplant.  Patients who want to choose this procedure must be in good health, have enough donor area density to provide the number of grafts needed, and should plan on a long surgery day!

Only a few surgeons internationally have any experience with this procedure, so in-person consultations with Dr. Wasserbauer are necessary to determine if you are a candidate.  If you are interested in this or any other hair transplant procedure, please call 925-939-4763 to schedule your appointment today!