2500+FUT Hair Transplant

This 65 year old male patient was experiencing significant hair loss in the front hairline region and thinning in the crown. His Norwood hair loss classification was Norwood IIIv.


His hair quality was average density and fullness but at his age he had significant donor hair and mild to moderate hair loss on the top of his scalp. Since the patient had no desire to ever cut his hair very short he and Dr. Wasserbauer agreed on a FUT donor strip harvesting of his hair. On the day of surgery Dr. Wasserbauer removed a donor strip of tissue that produced 2519 hair grafts after microscopic dissection by the medical technicians. The 2519 Grafts contained a total of 4,322 hairs. Once the grafts were counted Dr. Wasserbauer prepared the sites along the frontal region and into the crown. The patient tolerated the procedure very well and had early hair growth.


The after photos are at only 6 months post op and the patient has been prescribed oral Propecia and minoxidil daily to maintain his existing hair.