Dense Hair Restoration with Combination Procedures

For many patients, and hair loss physicians, it can be very frustrating that hair loss is progressive. What this means is that it never really stops. As we age we gradually, in most cases, continue to lose some hair. Even individuals who appear to have a full head of hair in the 70's and 80's have lost hair throughout their scalp. Patient's with male patter baldness have more visible hair loss and the job of the hair surgeon is to first inform the patient and to treat them with the best available hair loss medications and therapy when possible.

When a patient presents themselves with significant hair loss like this patient, only hair transplant surgery can restore their hair and hairline.

The patient was 48 Years old and a Norwood hair loss classification 4 when he first came to our office. He began slowly losing his hair beginning in his late 20's. His hair quality and density were very good and Dr. Wasserbauer transplanted over 3,200 grafts via FUT donor strip harvesting. 2 years later he had a second surgery. Dr. Wasserbauer again performed FUT hair transplant and excised the prior linear scar and transplanted over 900 additional grafts. A year or two later he had a 3rd procedure and Dr. Wasserbauer transplanted approximately 2,000 grafts to add density and fill in areas where he had lost some hair.

He has since had smaller FUE procedures and scalp micropigmentation (SMP) to fill small areas and camouflage the linear scar in the donor region. He is now on oral Propecia (finasteride) and oral minoxidil to maintain his existing hair.