Case Study

FUE – Wear Your Hair Short After Hair Transplant

FUE is the preferred surgical option for hair transplant surgery for men who prefer a short hair style. Dr. Wasserbauer performed a FUE procedure transplanting 2536 grafts for a total of 5451 hairs. The after photos were taken at 6 months post surgery.

Excellent 6 month FUE Hair Transplant Result

This 47 year old male has a Norwood hair loss classification 5 pattern. His hair density was good and current hair loss stable. His cosmetic goal was to create a mature full hairline and to add density to the crown. Dr. Sara Wasserbauer transplanted 2,954 grafts using follicular unit extraction (FUE). Total hairs transplanted in…

6 Month Post Hair Transplant Results

Front view – before and after 3472 hair grafts – 6 months post op. This 51 year old male with full dark hair, had developed a mature Norwood hair loss classification 5 pattern. He had a thin bridge of fine hair across the middle of his scalp and otherwise his hair loss had plateaued for…

3300 Hair Graft Case Study

This patient had Norwood Classification 4 hair loss. His hairline had significantly receded and he experienced some central scalp thinning. His donor density was good and although his hair was straight it had good volume. In January 2018 Dr. Wasserbauer transplanted 3344 follicular units averaging 2.4 hair per follicular units, approximately 8,000 hair in one…