Driver’s License Selfie

If you have saved your former Driver’s Licenses or Passports you can track your facial aging. Usually this is not an uplifting experience, but recently one of our patients was especially excited by his 5 year transformation to a more youthful appearance. He was so exited that he sent us a copy to share.

The patient was 48 Years old and a Norwood class #3 when he first came to our office. His hair quality and density were good and Dr. Wasserbauer transplanted  3,265 grafts, 6,368 hairs via strip harvest hair transplant surgery (FUT).  2 years later he had a second surgery. Dr. Wasserbauer again performed FUT hair transplant and excised the prior linear scar and transplanted 951 additional grafts or 1,854 hairs. He recently had a 3rd procedure and Dr. Wasserbauer transplanted 2,142 grafts or 4,213 Hairs. He is currently on Propecia (finasteride) to maintain his existing hair.

To quote our patient, “We all have to get older, but we don’t have to do it without our hair!”

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