Hairline Restoration and Hair Loss Maintenance

This healthy 33-year-old male was experiencing hair line recession and thinning throughout the front and mid scalp.

Patient before and after FUE hair restoration surgery.

His goal was to restore his hair and maintain the freedom to style his hair the way he liked including very shortly cropped in the back of his scalp. As a result, Dr. Wasserbauer performed 2 FUE hair Transplant Session, excises the grafts 1 at a time with a .8mm punch that would leave a virtually invisible scar where each graft was removed.

Front view of hairline before and after FUE hair transplant

The after photos are approximately 8 months after his second procedure. He is taking Oral Propecia and Rogaine daily to maintain his existing hair.

Even with the hair shaved to expose the scalp there is no visible scarring.