Dr. Wasserbauer Performs FUT Hair Transplant Live on TheBaldTruth.com

Hair Transplant Patient Greg Adler

Hair Transplant Patient Greg Adler

On Monday, May 6, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. Dr. Wasserbauer performed a hair transplant live on a 35-year old man suffering from male pattern baldness.  Greg Adler, an attorney, Mensa International member and fitness model, will share his personal hair restoration journey with viewers during the transplant and in follow-up posts on CaliforniaHairSurgeon.com.

Much to his chagrin, Adler is part of the 60 percent of the hair loss population experiencing male pattern baldness. A 2004 Met-RX champion, Adler takes great care of his body and enjoys a very healthy lifestyle. Over the last several years, his hairline has gradually moved further and further back on his scalp. After a lot of research and conversations, Adler selected Dr. Wasserbauer to perform his hair transplant.

Dr. Wasserbauer performed a hair transplant live on TheBaldTruth.com last year that was tremendously successful and attracted tens of thousands of viewers to the site.

“We had been asked to do another live transplant on the The Bald Truth and after meeting with Greg, we felt he would be a great patient to do this with,” said Dr. Wasserbauer. “His story will resonate with so many men and he’s got a great personality to keep viewers entertained.”