Warning: Hair Restoration Surgery Requires a Medical License

Physicians may not delegate hair restoration surgery to medical assistants. Medical assistants may not perform invasive procedures such as creating holes or slits in a patient’s scalp with a needle, scalpel, or other device.

FDA Stem Cell Update

Practitioners offering unproven and unapproved STEM CELL treatments for hair growth should be on notice: the FDA has started to bump up its regulation.

stem cells for hair growth

Hair’s the Question: Do stem cell injections really regrow hair?

“Stem cells” are everywhere.  Literally.  These cells exist ubiquitously in our bodies and are responsible for the generation and regeneration of your body’s tissue.  Given that stem cells regenerate tissue, it makes sense that advances in this technology would be applied to the problem of hair loss. Unfortunately, even the most logical of treatment steps…

Hairs The Question™ – What shampoos are good for hair loss?

Caffeine, Biotin, “Special Sauce,” – all these ingredients are touted to improve hair just by shampooing with them daily.  Often, these ingredients come packaged in an attractive bottle with equally attractive marketing to help you make the choice to buy it, but do these really work? The good news is that there are shampoos that…