Get a Reduced Cost SMP Treatment

Know someone with “bad” Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP)? Let us help! Few medical hair practitioners have expertise in applying SMP, so it is common to have unsatisfactory results especially with scars.1

When suboptimal results happen, we help REMOVE bad pigments on the scalp! We are also one of the few hair surgeons in the world to employ intra-operative SMP to help camouflage old scars post-FUE surgery. And don’t forget that elegant “shaved head” look for those who have opted not to have surgery.

CALLING ALL PATIENTS! We have opportunities for “demo patients” to receive a reduced-cost SMP treatment at our July 22, 23, 2024 International SMP Workshop. If you are interested in being placed on our list, please contact our office ASAP. Call 925-939-4763 to join to be part of the International Workshop!