Live Hair Transplant Surgery On Cancer Patient

Dr. Wasserbauer performs pro-bono FUE hair transplant LIVE on former cancer patient with hair loss from surgery and radiation.

The patient was just 18 years old when he was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor called ganlioglioma. He underwent surgery and four months of radiation when other young men his age were thinking about prom and college. Although he now enjoys a clean bill of health, the combined surgery and radiation caused uneven hair loss and scarring on the back of his head. Now, eight years later at the age of 26, Dr. Wasserbauer is trying to help him move forward without feeling self-consciousness about his appearance.


Dr. Wasserbauer performed a follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplantation on Carlos that took individual grafts from other areas of his head and transplant them to the areas in the back of his scalp that have stopped growing hair as a result of the radiation. The surgery was intended to even out the distribution of hair so that the back of his head looks more natural and signs of his surgery and radiation are less noticeable.

Watch the procedure video below and Carlos 1 year follow up.

1 year follow up. Carlos will have the middle scar reduced latter this year.