Thank You to My Patients

SaraExamAs I was driving to work, I became overwhelmed by a palpable sense of gratitude.  I realized how blessed I am to do what I enjoy as my profession.  And so it is with all my conviction that I write;

“Thank you Patients!” Thank you – each and every one of you – as personally as an open letter like this can get, and as heartfelt as anything on the Internet might be, I thank you!

Thank you for allowing me to do something that I love, every day, and to help people in the process.  Thank you for your feedback that has helped me hone my skills. And thank you for your support and referrals so I can continue to help men and women experiencing hair loss improve their lives and self image. Your gratitude and the experience of seeing the results of our work together is my greatest reward.

You have made my practice possible, and I hope I have helped you.

Sara Wasserbauer MD