PRP Therapy for Hair Loss – One Patient’s Story

Patient JK is a 35 year old male who is interested in getting his hair back. We first met at the beginning of May in 2015 and he had lost much of his frontal area and his crown – a Norwood Class IVa in hair loss terms. Like most hair loss patients, his hair loss snuck up on him. He is a successful guy, owns his own business, never thought much about his hair until he started to lose it. Also, like most regular guys, he was surprised how much this loss bothered him

What is ACell + PRP Hair Regrowth Therapy?

ACell + PRP Hair Regrowth Injection Therapy Explained. There have been a lot of questions and excitement about ACell and PRP therapy for slowing down hair loss and stimulating new hair growth. Although there have not been FDA clinical trials or approval physicians around the world have …Read more

2015 Worldwide Hair Restoration Statistics

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery has completed their 2015 worldwide practice survey of hair restoration surgeons. The overwhelming takeaway is the hair restoration treatments and surgery are in more demand than ever witha 28% increase in surgical hair restoration since 2012 with more than 1 million hair transplant procedures performed in 2014 alone.

FUE – follicular unit extraction versus FUT – follicular unit transplantation

With all the confusion and hype about FUE – follicular unit extraction versus FUT – follicular unit transplantation (strip donor harvesting) Dr. Wasserbauer commissioned an artist to produce an infographic that visually describes the different donor harvest techniques.

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