Hairline Refresh! Are You A Candidate?

Hairline Refresh

With almost 20 years experience treating hair loss and working with the latest technologies in hair restoration surgery Dr. Sara Wasserbauer routinely performs man rare and technically challenging procedures.  One of the most common requests is to simply reinforce a patients hairline, thus adding density to the frame of the face while maintaining naturalness.  This subtle enhancement can dramatically improve a persons youthful and vibrant appearance. So is a hairline refresh right for you?

Consumer Warning: Recently, a patient compared our hair transplant practice to those in Turkey, and we must admit we were astonished.  With headlines like these:

It is hard to believe patients would choose low cost over quality and safety.  As of a new law enacted 4 weeks ago, it is now legal for a non-doctor to perform hair surgery with 1 week of “training” in Turkey.  But this is not just in Turkey, it is around the world.  Here is some of what I am seeing:

  • Unnaturally low hairlines which appeal to younger males, but are both peculiar and bizarrely outside of reasonable human appearances.
  • Donor overharvesting with extensive scars from “scarless” FUE procedures.  Typically, these patients have no hair left for repairs, body hair is not a guaranteed option, and even shaving their heads will be problematic. 
  • Sparse growth in odd directions after procedures was reported to be from 3000 to 5000 grafts, but clearly did not transplant that many.

Dr. Wasserbauer has dedicated hercareer to specializing in hair restoration surgery and our natural hairlines are a point of pride (  Please visit my photo gallery at or view the photos at https://fightthefight.ishrs.organd to see for yourself, and help spread the word about quality hair restoration.

Generally speaking, a hairline refresh is appropriate for patients who have already started on the optimal medical treatment and are committed to it.  Concentrating on the hairline allows a surgeon like Dr. Wasserbauer to use the tiniest sites and the highest density possible, because only the first 1-2cm are the focus.  Believe it or not, a previous hair transplant is actually a good indication for a hairline refresh, especially since the numbers of grafts needed are between 1000-1500 grafts and is a reasonable number even for those with several previous surgeries of any type. 

Either the linear OR the FUE method are options, and the decision for which to use is typically individual to the patient.  If you are holding off on having a full surgery, but still want an improvement, give our office a call and we can help you decide whether a hairline refresh might be right for you.