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Hairs The Question™ – What shampoos are good for hair loss?

Caffeine, Biotin, “Special Sauce,” – all these ingredients are touted to improve hair just by shampooing with them daily.  Often, these ingredients come packaged in an attractive bottle with equally attractive marketing to help you make the choice to buy it, but do these really work? The good news is that there are shampoos that…

Testosterone Safety and Hair Loss

It goes without saying that testosterone is a powerful hormone with many effects on the human body.  Some of these effects are desirable, like increased muscle mass, but some are downright undesirable.  The trick is to avoid the undesirable side effects while benefiting from the desirable ones. 

Excellent 6 month FUE Hair Transplant Result

This 47 year old male has a Norwood hair loss classification 5 pattern. His hair density was good and current hair loss stable. His cosmetic goal was to create a mature full hairline and to add density to the crown. Dr. Sara Wasserbauer transplanted 2,954 grafts using follicular unit extraction (FUE). Total hairs transplanted in…

Facebook Hair Transplant Flashback

Back in 2010-2011 Dr. Wasserbauer had a contest on Facebook and our patient we call Raw Matt won. He agreed to post regular updates from healing and ultimately posting photos of his progress and hair growth. The pictures below are from Matt at the 8 month post-op mark. Matt has been great posting his experience…