Crown Hair Transplant – Case Study

58 year old male, Norwood IV, he had become very self conscious of his hair loss and was uncomfortable with people standing behind him. After seeing a photo of the back of his head in a crowd he decided to have hair transplantation. His donor hair had above average density and hair quality based on volume and waviness was very good.

FDA issues a class-wide safety alert for all testosterone-containing medical products

The FDA recently issued a class-wide safety alert for all testosterone-containing medical products. Not only is it associated with abuse and dependence, but it can have “serious adverse outcomes include heart attack, heart failure, stroke, depression, hostility, aggression, liver toxicity, and male infertility. Individuals abusing high doses of testosterone have also reported withdrawal symptoms, such as depression, fatigue, irritability, loss of appetite, decreased libido, and insomnia.”

A Buyers Guide To Deciding On A Hair Transplant Surgeon

Lately there has been extensive marketing of “New” or “Ground Breaking” Technology targeting prospective patients with unbelievable (and false) claims. It is critical you ask the doctor or consultant what is the doctor’s role when performing the surgery or if technicians will be performing it.

A Young Man’s Guide to Hair Loss

By Sara Wasserbauer, MD I see a lot of patients for hair loss – over ten thousand at last count – and I am surprised how everything that is old becomes new again.  Young men in particular are confused by the choices for restoring their hair that are hawked on the Internet.  I was asked…